How to Enable and use Microsoft Edge bar in Windows 11/10

How to Enable and use Edge bar in Microsoft Edge
How to Enable and use Edge bar in Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge version 98 is official now and Microsoft is now rolling out this update to the general public. This new version of the edge has been loaded with a number of improvements and updates and among these, there is this new feature that is grabbing a lot of attention, the Edge Bar. It is actually a floating sidebar that allows the users to multitask.

It was previously called the Microsoft Edge Web Widget while in the testing phase, but upon official launch, it has been renamed to Edge Bar. As its old name suggests it is a sidebar widget that is located to the right side of the screen. Using this bar or widget, you can see trending news, check the weather, and a lot more.

If you are also curious about this feature and want to know the Edge Bar in detail, stick around to this guide.

What is Edge Bar?

The Edge Bar is a new feature that has been introduced by Microsoft and is exclusive to just the Microsoft Edge Web browser. This means that only the Edge web browser users can use this feature on their Windows PCs. You can call this feature a new and refreshed version of the Microsoft News and Weather widget. This feature can be used on the Edge browser either as an extension or as an independent widget that works even when the browser is closed.

Microsoft Edge bar is a fully customizable sidebar or a floating window that can be pinned or docked to your Windows 11 or Windows 10 screen. This widget allows the Windows user to access things like news feeds, stocks, widgets, your favourite website and a lot more without even opening the edge browser. For the user convenience, this widget can be used in different ways, like as a pinned sidebar to the edge of the screen, as a resizable floating window, like a search bar only, or minimized to the floating button on the screen.

How to Enable Edge Bar on Windows 11 & 10

The new Edge bar feature is needed to be enabled in order to get this widget pinned to your screen. Here is how you can enable the Edge Bar on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC using the Microsoft Edge web browser.

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser on your PC.
  • Click on the three-dot (Ellipse) icon on the top right corner of the broswer window and go to Settings.
  • From the left pane, select Edge bar followed by clicking on the Open Edge bar option from the right. This will launch the Edge bar.
  • Alternately, you can also go to More tools from the Ellipse menu and select Launch Edge bar.
  • This will open and pin the Edge bar to the side of the screen. And this will auto-adjust the window of whichever program or app you were using.

Once the Edge Bar is open you can use it to get a bird’s eye view of different information and your favourite websites. To close the Edge Bar you can simply click on the close button (cross icon) located at the bottom right of the Edge Bar widget. Alternately, you can also go to Edge Bar Settings (gear icon) and select Close. But once the Edge Bar is closed, you’ll have to again open it by going to the Edge browser and hence you may want it to open automatically.

How to make Edge Bar to open automatically upon startup

If you find the edge bar helpful and want it to open every time the PC boots up then you can set this as well. In order to do this:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge web browser.
  • Go to the three-dot (Ellipse) menu and go to Settings.
  • Select Edge Bar from the left pane.
  • Finally switch on the toggle of the Automatically open Edge bar when the computer starts option.

As soon as you will enable the option, the Edge bar will get set to open automatically upon restart.

How to Personalize Edge Bar?

The Edge bar is all about serving the user with its specific personalized feed. You can personalize the edge bar as per your likings and interests.

How to add interest to the Edge Bar

The very first thing that comes in personalization is to set your interests. Based on your interests, the feed will be loaded with the content. To add interest to the Edge Bar:

  • Open the Edge Bar.
  • Click on the Settings and more (gear icon) and select Settings.
  • You can also open the edge browser, go to the ellipse menu and go to Settings > Edge Bar.
  • Now, click on the Personalize button located next to the Personalize your Edge bar feed.
  • Alternately, you can also directly click on the Personalize button (pencil icon) located at the bottom of the edge bar.
  • This will open the My Interests page on the MSNB website where you can add, remove and manage the interests. Select the topics from the left pane and checkmark the interests that you want to add to your interests list. You can also search for the intrests.
  • To remove the interests, navigate to the Followed interests section from the left pane and then uncheck that particular interest.

How to like, dislike or block feeds in Edge bar

You can further extend your interests selection by liking, disliking or blocking the feeds and news in the edge bar. To do so:

  • Open the Edge Bar.
  • On the feed, click on the Ellipse (three-dot) menu.
  • From the list of options select any one as per what to want to do with that feed.
    • More stories like this will lie the feed.
    • Fewer stories like this will dislike the feed.
    • Hide this story will block the feeds and news from that particular website.

In case, if you want to unblock the feeds and news from the blocked websites, you can go to the My interests page by clicking on the personalize button followed by unchecking the website that you want to unblock.

How to Customize Edge Bar?

Now when you have enabled the Edge bar to customize it as per your preference. You can change the widget mode, change language, enable/disable auto-hide, etc.

Changing the Edge Bar Language

To change the language of your Edge Bar widget:

  • Open the Edge Bar.
  • Click on the Language icon at the bottom if the widget.
  • This will bring up the list languages that you can chosse. Navigate and click on the language of your preference to make it as the default one.

Auto-Hide the Edge Bar

It is obviously not practical to use the Edge Bar all the time. Hence auto-hiding the Edge bar is a good option to tackle this situation. To auto-hide the Edge Bar there is an option to directly enable or disable that. Simply open the Edge Bar and click on the Enable autohide option as shown in the image below.

This will not completely hide the Edge Bar. Instead, you will still see a thin vertical bar on the right side of the screen. And you can see the full Edge Bar by clicking any of the four icons at the top of the bar.

Pin/Unpin the Edge Bar to Windows Screen

The Edge Bar by default gets pinned to the right edge of the screen. Pinning of the Edge Bar makes it permanently fixed to the place. Upon unpinning the bar, it gets invisible from all the windows except the desktop. And on the desktop, it will be there as a floating window with a floating button on the rest of the screens. But how will you pin or unpin the Edge Bar? This is quite simple. There is a dedicated Enable pin/unpin option on the widget in the form of a thumb pin icon. Simply click on it to pin/unpin the Edge Bar widget.

When the Edge Bar is unpinned, it gets shrunk down to a small Edge browser floating icon and will be available as a complete widget on the desktop. This small floating icon stays over all the programs and apps until you close the Edge Bar or restart the PC. Whenever you want to open this floating Edge bar widget simple just click on it open it over any of the currently opened windows and to close it back, click away from the widget.

Switch b/w Profiles on Edge Bar

You can also manage different profiles on the Edge Bar widget. To switch b/w different profiles, click on the Profiles option, the first option in the bottom list of options. This will open the list of profiles that are available to switch between. You can also click on the Profiles option to open the profile settings page on the Edge web browser.

Switch the Edge Bar Layouts

The Edge Bar provides two different layouts that you can use. In order to switch b/w the layouts, click on the Settings button (gear icon) and select any of the following two layouts:

  • Verticle layout
  • Search Only layout

Veticle layout

By default, the Edge Bar is set to the Vertical layout. You can call it it’s default layout that contains the Edge Bar in the form of a vertical tab.

Search Only layout

The Search Only layout consists of a big horizontal search bar, covering the majority of the Edge Bar space followed by options like profiles, settings, etc. This is how it looks.

It is a movable search bar limited to the desktop screen only and can be used to directly type in the search queries and search for it in the edge browser by pressing the Enter key.

Enable/Disable Floating Button

The Edge bar can be manually enabled or disabled for the floating button feature. In order to enable or disable it, simply click on the Settings (gear icon) on the Edge Bar check/uncheck the Enable floating button option accordingly.

When the Floating Button option is enabled, there will always be a small floating button somewhere at the bottom right of the screen whenever you minimize or unpin the Edge Bar. This floating button will stay there no matter which program or app is running on your Windows PC until you close it. When you will click on the floating button, it will open a resizable Edge bar window there.

How to Use Edge Bar?

Using the Microsoft Edge Bar is a fairly simple and easy task. The default Edge Bar comes with the weather, stock, current sports events, top stories, traffic, etc. And obviously, all these things can be customized as per your preferences, like your personalized news feeds, your personalized list of stocks, and a lot more.

Intro to some important Edge Bar elements

When you click on the news feed, it gets open in the MSN website in the Edge browser window. At the top of the edge bar, there are four tabs namely, MSN, Bing Search, Outlook app, and the Linkedin app. The MSN tab is the one where you will see all the news and updates.

At the bottom of the edge bar, there are a couple of options like the Refresh button which is to refresh the whole feed and a See more button to see the complete feed on the MSN’s website inside the edge browser.

How to search and surf the web in Edge Bar

For those who want to search some query on the Edge Bar, there is a dedicated search bar at the top where you can type your query and hit the Enter key to execute the search. This search for the queries is currently limited to just the Bing search engine which means there is no option to change the default search engine of the Edge Bar.

Edge Bar can be used as a mini version of the Edge browser because the query you search for on the edge bar is searched and the search results are displayed within the edge bar. You can scroll and open any of the websites from the search results in the edge bar.

As soon as you start surfing the web in the edge bar, you will get the navigation buttons at the bottom like Back, Forward, Home, Refresh and a dedicated Open in browser button to open the webpage in a complete edge browser window.

How to save a story for later from the Edge Bar feed?

If you suddenly come across such an Edge Bar feed in which you are highly interested to read further but are not able to currently read it then you can use the Save for later option. This will let you save that feed or news to your My Saves section of your MSN Profile.

How to add/remove a new tab to Edge Bar?

As the feed is all about personalization, the Edge Bar also served the option to add any website to your edge bar permanently by using a new tab. For instance, you follow a specific sports or stocks website for the latest updates, then you can add that website to your feed.

To add a website to the Edge Bar feed:

  • Click on the Add tab (Plus sign) icon from teh top right list of tabs. It will originally be located below Linkdin.
  • Now, enter the URL of the webiste, and its name by which you want to save the tab as.
  • Finally, click on Add.

This will successfully add the website as a new tab to your Edge bar. If you want to remove the tabs that you have added, you can simply right-click on them and select Remove.

Bottom Line

So this was the complete guide on the new Microsoft Edge Bar that the company has finally launched officially. The Edge Bar can definitely be a really productive tool if used effectively. I am hoping that this guide would have helped you in understanding the Edge Bar in a deeper way and now you will be able to use it in a better and more personalized manner. You can commend your thoughts about the Edge Bar in the comments below. I am curious to know your opinion on this new widget.

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