How to Enable Depth Effects Wallpaper (Parallax Effect) on Windows 11

Microsoft is on fire, continuously adding more and more revamping features to the new Windows 11. The tech giant’s funding to OpenAI’s ChatGPT has revived a ton of possibilities. The new Parallax effect wallpaper, aka the Depth Effect wallpaper, is one seriously loving feature that adds a lot o life to your Windows 11 desktop.

If you looking for a way to enable this Depth Effect Wallpaper on your Windows 11 PC, then the complete steps are listed below in this brief guide.

What is Depth Effect Wallpaper in Windows 11?

Depth Effects is an option in Windows 11, when enabled, uses AI technology to separate your desktop wallpaper into multiple depth layers. These layers, when segregated, show a parallax effect creating a sense of 3D depth on your desktop.

This is similar to the iOS 16 Depth effect you get to see on the iPhone’s lock screen. But the Windows 11’s depth effect wallpaper is one step ahead with the parallax animation added to it.

The segregated wallpaper layers are responsive to the gyroscope sensor on the touchscreen Windows 11 PCs. And this gyroscope sensor is replaced by the movement of the cursor on non-touchscreen PCs.

How to Enable Depth Effects on Windows 11 desktop wallpaper

Below mentioned are the steps to add the parallax effect to your Windows 11 desktop wallpaper to simulate the AI-powered depth effect.

1. Search Settings on your Windows 11 PC and open the same from the search results.

windows 11 settings
windows 11 settings

2. In the settings window, go to Personalization from the left pane.

Alternatively, you can also right-click on the empty desktop space and select Personalize.

3. Next select the Background option from the right pane of the Settings window.

4. On the Background personalization settings window, look for the Depth effects option saying “When available, use AI to add depth effects to background images” and toggle its switch to On.

And this is it. If your Windows 11 is having a wallpaper whose content can be separated into different layers of depth, the parallax effect will start working instantly.

And there you go! This is how you can enable the Depth effects on your Windows 11 PC. Microsoft has defintely done an appreciable job by addoing this feature. What are you though on the depth parallax wallpaer effect of Windows 11? Let us know in the comments below.

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