How to Play Wordle on Slack

As you already know that Slack is one of the most widely used communication tools for teams. It is a cloud-based set of tools and services for team collaboration that provides real-time messaging, archiving, and search for modern groups.

Have you ever been bored in a meeting? Everyone does. Then they start playing something with each other so that they could forget the tension that was creeping into their mind and get refreshed.

One such game is the Wordle. If you are looking for a way to play Wordle within Slack then you are in the right place. In this blog, I will tell you how you can play Wordle on Slack.

What is Wordle?

At the start of 2022, the world was introduced to the Word game sensation Wordle. Since then it has become so popular that people have been posting their Wordle scores on social media and also on their Slack Workspace.

See in the image below the popularity of this game:

Due to the new work-form-home situation, the popularity of social workspace like Slack has gained popularity and so does the Extensions or Apps or Integration within Slack. These Extensions or Apps or Integration increases productivity by bringing the new feature to Slack within the workspace which all the team members can use if they are in the same channel.

How can you integrate Wordle within Slack?

Generally Slack allows you to add Slack Apps or Slack Integrations or Slack Extensions to do things easily.

Slack apps or Slack Integrations or Slack Extensions are tools that can be integrated into Slack channels to expand work communication. They let you access more functionalities within Slack without even leaving the app.

Slack free plan lets you add up to 10 apps to workspaces if you are on Slack free plan. If you are on one of Slack’s paid plans you can add as many extensions as you like.

As of now, there is no App/Integration/Extension available for the Wordle Game in Slack. Hence right now you cannot play the official Wordle game on Slack.

But you can play this game by visiting their official website.

The only thing a person can do is share their Wordle score by using the WordleBot for Slack. This app is currently undergoing approval to be listed on Slack’s App Directory. Until then you can use the given link to install it to your workspace and share your Worlde Scores by just mentioning the username under the app section.

Click on this link to get this app to your workspace.

You can also see the all-time leaderboard within your channel using this Wordlebot.

What to do if I want to play Wordle on Slack?

Until then the World is not available on Slack you can try other alternatives which offer plenty of games along with word games like Wordle. One such app is Ricotta Games, Trivia & Icebreakers.

What does it have?

30k+ Trivia questions and 35+ quiz categories like Marvel, World Capitals, Brand logos, etc. Fun Giphys and memes at the start of every quiz!  Asynchronous Trivia & Picture

  • Quiz contests
  •  Photo Quiz
  • Weekly Trivia Contest
  • Custom contests
  • Leaderboard scores

You can also play one-on-one virtual team-building games or word puzzle games like:

  • Hangman
  • Connect4
  • Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Rock Paper Scissor
  • Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock
  • Word Building
  • Word Chain
  • Story Building
  •  Ricotta Word of the day (similar to Jotto, Lingo, or Wordle)

How can you integrate and use Ricotta Games in Slack

1. Log in to the Slack Account or if you don’t have one, head over to this link and create one for free.

2. After getting logged in to your account or after creating the new one, click on the Slack app directory and search for the Ricotta Games or just click on this link to reach the app page directly.

3. Now just click on this Game and start playing it in your channel with your other teammates.

Can I ever play Wordle on Slack?

The good news is yes maybe in the future not the official Wordle but the game totally similar to it. As it is gaining popularity day by day and people are searching for it. So this might be a very good opportunity for some to get some bucks or to show off their talent.

While searching for an app like Wordle for Slack I landed on a blog by Nathan Glover who is creating such a game for Slack but it is still in the testing phase.

You can access its’ page by clicking on this link.

He has also shared his work on Github to try on your PC.

If you have all the technical knowledge to build and deploy a Slack app with Python, Bolt, and AWS Amplify then you can visit this link and create an app similar to Wordle by using Nathan Glover’s work from GitHub and then make a serverless app with AWS Amplify.

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