How to Use macOS Hot Corners on Windows for free

If you’re a Windows user and envy some of the features of Apple’s macOS, you’re not alone. One of the standout features of macOS is the “Hot Corners” tool, which lets you perform certain actions by moving your cursor to the corners of your screen.

Can you use macOS Hot Corners on Windows?

Fortunately, even though Windows doesn’t have this feature natively, there are third-party software packages that can help you add hot corners to your Windows system.

Two popular options for replicating hot corners from macOS onto your Windows system are WinXCorners and Hot Corners. These software packages are easy to install and configure, and they allow you to set up custom actions that will be triggered when you move your cursor to specific corners of your screen.

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How to Add Hot Corners to Windows using the Hot Corners program

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add hot corners to your Windows 11 system, the Hot Corners software is a great option. With nine different action options to choose from, you can customize each corner of your screen to perform different functions.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to add hot corners with the Hot Corners software:

1. Visit the Softpedia page for Hot Corners, click the Download Now button, and choose the “Download: Softpedia Mirror (US)” option to download the installer file.

2. Once downloaded, open the File Explorer by pressing “Win + E” and navigate to the directory where you have downloaded the installer for Hot Corners.

3. Right-click on the “HC-2-2-0.exe” installer file and select “Run as administrator.”

4. Click “Next” and then “Yes” to accept the copyright agreement.

5. Make sure to select the “Run Hot Corners after installation is complete” and click the “Next” button to let Hot Corners start automatically after installation.

6. Follow the remaining prompts and complete the installation.

Setting up the Hot Corners program

Once you’ve installed Hot Corners, you can customize each corner of your screen to perform different functions. To do this,

Simply click the drop-down menu for the corner you want to customize and select the action you want to assign to it.

You can choose from options like opening Control Panel or My Documents, putting it on standby, locking the PC, running a program, or even initiating a Google search.

By selecting the Search Google option in Hot Corners, you can activate a small search box by moving your cursor over a designated corner of your Windows 11 screen. This feature is particularly useful when you need to quickly search for information on the internet without having to navigate to your browser first.

If you want to set a program to run when you click on a corner, click the drop-down menu for that corner and select “Run.”

Then, click the ellipses button (3 dots) in the “Run” window and select the program you want to run.

Finally, click “OK” on all windows to save your settings.

Note: Keep in mind that the “Mouse Move” tab in Hot Corners can conflict with the Windows 11 and 10’s Power User menu as both share the same keyboard shortcut i.e. Windows + X. Therefore, this feature only works on Windows platforms that don’t have Power User menus, such as Vista and 7.

Additionally, Hot Corners does not save settings when you don’t run it as an administrator. To ensure that your settings are always saved, it’s important to run the software with elevated permissions. You can do this by setting the program to always run as an administrator via its Compatibility tab. To do this,

1. Right-click on the “Hot Corners.exe” file and select “Properties.”

2. Switch to the “Compatibility” tab and tick mark the “Run this program as administrator” option.

3. Finally, click “Apply” to save the changes.

Finally, if you want Hot Corners to start automatically with Windows,

1. Right-click on the Hot Corners icon in the system tray and go to Configure.

2. In the Hot Corners window, click “Options” in the menu bar of the Hot Corners window, and go to “Settings.”

3. Select the “Run on Start-up” checkbox and click “OK” to save your changes.

With these steps, you should be able to easily add hot corners to your Windows 11 system with the Hot Corners software.

How to Add Hot Corners to Windows using the WinXCorners program

WinXCorners is a free software that allows you to add hot corners to your Windows 10 or 11 operating system. With six default actions and the option to set up custom commands in the 1.2b version, this program can help you streamline your workflow and increase productivity. To install WinXCorners 1.2b,

1. Go to the WinXCorners website, scroll down, and click on WinXCorner 1.2b.

2. This will bring you to its GitHub download page. Here, download the WinXCorners_1.2b.7z file by clicking on it.

3. Once downloaded, open the downloaded .7z file using a 7z archiver like 7-Zip (Download).

4. Select the .exe file located inside the archive and click on the Extract button.

5. Select the path where you want to extract the exe file and click OK.

6. Once extracted, navigate to the file and launch it by double-clicking on it.

7. After launching the WinXCorner exe file, you’ll notice that it has been added to the Windows System Tray in the bottom right corner.

8. Click on this icon and toggle on the switch for the Hot Corners enabled option if it is not already.

Setting up the WinXCorners program

With WinXCorners running, you can configure your hot corner actions by selecting from the available drop-down menus.

The default actions include hiding windows, showing the desktop, activating the screensaver, opening the Action Center, displaying all window thumbnails, and turning off the monitor.

Once you’ve chosen your actions, simply move your cursor to a screen corner to trigger the corresponding task.

If you want to set a hot corner to open a desktop software program, you can do so by following these steps:

1. Open the System tray of your Windows PC.

2. Right-click on the WinXCorners icon and go to Advanced.

3. Here, tick mark the Enable Custom Commands option.

4. Paste in the path to the program’s EXE file you want to launch in the Custom Command box and click OK.

5. Now, click on the WinXCorners in the system tray and set select the Custom Command option for any of the corners.

Finally, if you want WinXCorners to start automatically when you boot your computer, simply right-click on the WinXCorners icon in the system tray and select Start with Windows.

With WinXCorners and Hot Corners, you can now enjoy one of the best features of macOS on your Windows device. The hot corners feature provided by these software packages allows you to trigger common actions and open programs on your Windows device in a new and efficient way.

By assigning actions to each screen corner, you can easily access your most commonly used features without having to navigate through menus or click multiple buttons. This not only saves you time but also enhances your overall productivity.

So, if you’re looking to boost your workflow and streamline your daily tasks, give WinXCorners and Hot Corners a try on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 device.

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