iMessage doesn’t say ‘Delivered’? Here’s Why

why iMessage doesnt say Delivered
why iMessage doesnt say Delivered

Messaging has evolved a lot and now instant messaging is the most reliable thing that also keeps you miles away from uncertainties. Things like messages getting lost are the problems of the past and instant messaging services like Apple‘s iMessage is being used worldwide by iPhone and iPad users. Like most of the popular instant messaging services, iMessage also lets you know whether your message has been delivered or not by tagging the sent message as “delivered“. This adds a sense of security that the message has been successfully sent. But sometimes the message is not tagged by the iMessage as delivered.

This can create mini chaos in a number of situations where the message is not being said as delivered by iMessage. And if you are also wondering why iMessage doesn’t say delivered sometimes, leaving you with a number is thoughts about whether the problem is on your end or theirs. Or whether they have blocked you? Let’s clear up all this confusion and find out, what this exactly means.

What does it mean if iMessage doesn’t say ‘Delivered’?

OK, so first let me clarify that if the message is not being tagged as “delivered” in iMessage, then the problem is not on your end for sure. In case of an issue from your end, the message will get tagged as “message failed to send” instead.

So, does that mean the issue is persisting on the recipient’s end? The answer is yes. The most probable cause for this can be either their phone is switched off or it is not connected to an active internet connection. This can also happen if their phone is on DND.

Apart from this, it is also possible that the recipient has blocked you. Yes, if they have blocked you on iMessage, the message will get sent but will never get delivered. However, the chances of you getting blocked depend on your recent conversation, and if you don’t think there is any reason for you getting blocked, it is safe to assume that the probable cause for the message not being tagged as Delivered is anyone of the former ones.

Another rare but considerable cause for this situation can be if the recipient has shifted from iPhone/iPad to a device running another Operating System, for instance, Android without deleting their number from the iMessage server. Since no device other than Apple can have iMessage, your message will not get delivered to that person.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Am I blocked if iMessage doesn’t say delivered?

This can be a reason as if the message is not being tagged as delivered, there can be a number of reasons for that. And getting blocked is one of them. Hence if you have had some conflicting conversation recently, and you think that there are chances of you getting blocked, then the chances are high that you have got blocked and that’s why iMessage is not saying delivered.

iMessage doesn’t say delivered but the phone rings.

If this is so, then the most probable reason is that the recipient’s phone is not connected to an active internet connection but is available to get cellular calls.

Why aren’t my messages delivering to one person?

If you are able to deliver messages to all your contacts except one, then this points to the high chances that you have been blocked by that person on iMessage.

Why are my iMessages not saying delivered?

There can be a number of reasons for this to happen. The reasons can be either their phone is off, they don’t have an internet connection, they have blocked you, or they have shifted to some other phone, running some other OS and have not deleted their number for the iMessage server.

Bottom Line

If iMessage is not saying delivered upon sending a message, then there is an issue from your end. This indicates that the recipient has got some problems. And the following can be the list of those problems:

  • The recipient’s phone is off.
  • The recipient’s phone is on DND.
  • The recipient’s phone doesn’t have an active internet connection.
  • The recipient has blocked you.
  • The recipient has shifted to another platform’s phone without deleting its number from iMessage.

Based, on these possible causes, you can have an idea about what can be the exact issue in your case.

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