Fix: Jurassic World Evolution 2 Shadow/Graphics Glitch

jurassic world evolution 2 shadows and graphics glitch
jurassic world evolution 2 shadows and graphics glitch

The Jurassic World Evolution 2 is being played by many users across the world but recently the players are reporting that they are facing weird shadows or graphics glitches in the game. As per the affected players, the graphics glitch is making them suffer from distorted shadows, textures, and performance within the game.

The users have further reported that this issue has come into existence after they have updated their Nvidia Graphics drivers to the latest version. Also, more specifically those Nvidia GPU users who have the RTX series GPUs and have updated the drivers are facing the graphics glitch.

If you are also one of those Jurassic World Evolution 2 players who is facing the same issue, I have good news for you. You can actually fix it. The company has shared an official workaround for the issue that you can apply to fix the problem.

Rollback Nvidia Drivers to solve the Graphics Gitch

There is an official acknowledgment of the issue by the game developers who have shared a workaround. For those who are facing this issue of graphics glitch where the game is unplayable distorted shadows and textures after the update, there is an official workaround. As per the workaround, the users are advised to roll back the updated Nvidia Drivers on their systems.

To roll back to the previous version of your Nvidia Drivers on your Windows PC, you can follow two ways. The first one is by using the Windows Device Manager and the other is by manually downloading and installing the previous driver version.

Both the methods have been discussed in this guide with comprehensive step-by-step processes and images.

Bottom Line

The official acknowledgment of the issue is good news that the issue will definitely get fixed in the coming update. So, besides rolling back to the older Nvidia GPU drivers, you should also keep sharp eye on the upcoming update of the game as that update is very likely to have the issue got fixed.

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