7 Ways To Fix If MetaMask Is Not Connecting to OpenSea

MetaMask Not Connecting to OpenSea
MetaMask Not Connecting to OpenSea

Web 3.0, crypto, and NFTs are booming currently and there are many who strongly believe in these things as them being an integral part of the future world. Despite being a controversial thing, the NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are emerging as one of the best ways to spend and invest the cryptocurrencies. Looking at this, there are a number of NFT marketplaces over the internet that allows the users to buy, sell and auction the NFTs. One of the most popular ones is OpenSeas. You can use OpenSeas to buy or sell NFTs just by connecting your crypto wallet like MetaMask, one of the most popular wallets currently.

But there are a number of MetaMask users who faces issue with the integration of MetaMask with OpenSeas. This issue is occurring on the desktop web browsers where the users use MetaMask via an extension (in Google Chrome or Brave Browser) or Addon (in Firefox) to connect with the web3 Dapps like OpenSea. If you are also facing this issue where the MetaMask is not connecting to OpenSeas then go through this fixing guide to get the solution.

How to Fix if MetaMask is not connecting to OpenSea

There can be a number of different reasons why MetaMask is not connected to OpenSea like Internal browser issues, Faulty connection, issues with the Extension/add-on, problems with OpenSea, etc. Here are the ways that you can try to solve the issue.

Fix 1: Restart the Browser and PC

Firstly, consider restarting the browser over which the MetaMask extension is installed. Maybe the browser or the extension files are not working properly due to some cache issue or missing files. Restarting the browser may help in such a situation.

After restarting, if MetaMask is still not connecting, then try to restart the complete system. This will make sure to close the browser completely. Upon restart, launch the browser and try to connect to OpenSea.

Fix 2: Switch to Binance Smart Chain Network

The OpenSea works on the Binance and hence in order to connect your MetaMask with it, you’ll have to switch to the Binance Smart Chain network on your MetaMask as well. If your MetaMask extension is on some other network like Ethereum network, there is no chance to get MetaMask working on OpenSea. To switch the network to Binance Smart Chain:

1. Click on the Metamask icon to open it.

2. Click on the network dropdown menu to select the appropriate blockchain network.

3. If the Binance Smart Chain is already selected, then you don’t have to do anything, but if the network is not set to Binance Smart Chain then select it from the menu. If the Binance Smart Chain network is not listed there, you can add it by clicking on the Add Network button.

Once the network is switched to Binance Smart Chain, try to connect to OpenSea again and you should be good to go.

Fix 3: Update/Reinstall MetaMask extension

Next, make sure the MetaMask extensions/add-on is up to date. An outdated version of MetaMask can cause issues like the one we are discussing here. Hence make sure you have the latest version of MetaMask installed. To do so:

Update extensions in Google Chrome or Brave Browser

1. Open Chrome/Brave and enter the following address in the address bar:

chrome://extensions/ ( For Chrome) or brave://extensions (For Brave)

2. Toggle on the Developer mode.

3. Finally, click on Update button to update all the outdated extensions to their latest versions.

Update Add-ons in Firefox

1. Open Firefox and enter the following address in the address bar:


2. Click on the gear icon located below the add-on search bar and checkmark the Update Add-ons Automatically option.

After updating the MetaMask extension, try to connect it to OpenSea and if the attempt is still providing no success, consider reinstalling the Metamask on your browser. To do so:

1. Go to the extensions/add-ons page of your browser.

2. Click on the Remove button of the extension if you’re on Chrome or Brave and click on the three-dot menu and select Remove on Firefox.

3. After removing the extension, go to the MetaMask download page and download the extension.

Note: After reinstalling the MetaMask you’ll be needed to sign in again and for that, it will ask for your credentials and your unique Secret Recovery Phrase. Make sure to note it down somewhere by going to MetaMask profile picture > Settings > Security & Privacy > Reveal Secret Recovery Phrase prior to uninstalling it.

Fix 4: Clear the MetaMask site data

The saved cache files of MetaMaks can interfere with the connection if they are corrupted or missing. In such a case, clearing the site data cache files of MetaMaks is a good option. To do so:

1. Click on the MetaMask extension icon to open it.

2. Right-click anywhere in the empty space of the extension window and select Inspect.

3. In the Inspection Chrome window, switch to the Application tab and click on the Storage option from the left pane under the Application section.

4. Finally, click on the Clear site data button.

Fix 5: Disable conflicting extensions

If you are using a lot of extensions that are not from a reliable source like Chrome web store or Firefox addons store, then there are chances that they are conflicting with the MetaMask extension on your borwser. You can try disabling all the other extensions to check if other extension is interfering.

1. Open chrome/brave/firefox and go to the extensions/add-ons page. To go there, enter chrome://extensions/ ( For Chrome) or brave://extensions (For Brave) in the address bar and press enter.

2. Here, toggle off the switch of all the extensions except MetaMask.

Once done, restart the browser and check if the issue is fixed.

Fix 6: Clear Browser Cache and data

The saved cache data of your browse can also oppose the connection b/w OpenSea and MetaMask. To solve this, you can try clearing the cache and browsing data of your browser. Here’s how to do so in Google Chrome:

1. Open chrome Settings by going into the three-dot menu from the top right corner.

2. Select Privacy & Security from the left and go to Clear browsing data. Alternately, you can also chrome://settings/privacy address in the address bar to eliminate the above steps.

3. Now switch to the Advanced tab, select the time range to All time, check all the boxes except the “Passwords and other sigh-in data” and “Auto-fill form data” options. Finally, click on Clear Data.

Fix 7: Reset MetaMask Account

Lastly, if nothing works, then you can try resetting the MetaMask account. This will clear all your transaction history and other saved data but your crypto and balance and NFTs will be there intact. Also, please note that you will need to enter your Secret Recovery Phrase so don’t forget to back up it.

1. Open the MetaMask extension, click on the profile photo and go to Settings.

2. Go to Advanced and click on the Reset Account button.

Bottom Line

That’s all for this fixing guide and I hope this guide would have helped you in fixing the issue. The connection issue usually occurs due to MetaMaks being on a different exchange network instead of being on the Binance Smart Chain. This gets solve by shifting the network to Binance Smart Chain. However, in some cases, the outdated extensions also creates such problems. And hence consider updating it. Lastly, other fixes like reinstalling the extension, clearing browser cache and resetting MetaMask data may also help.

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