List of all Modern Warfare 2 Calling Cards & How to get them

mw2 calling cards list

Carrying forward the tradition of the Call of Duty franchise, the new Modern Warfare 2 game also lets its players add extra style to their kill screen and profile, and this is by offering Emblems and Calling Cards. There are a couple of Calling Cards in MW2 that you can unlock to decorate your player identity within the game.

And to make it easy, here I have listed all the Calling Cards that are available in MW2 along with the way how you can unlock them.

mw2 calling cards list

MW2 Calling Cards List

The available Calling Cards can be divided into three categories based on the way they can be unlocked.

  1. Campaign Calling Cards: These calling cards can be unlocked by completing the required campaign missions.
  2. Weapon Calling Cards: These calling cards are available to unlock by completing the required missions involving weapon masteries. There are a maximum of 4 calling cards per gun.
  3. Twitch Calling Cards: Currently there is only one calling card that can be unlocked via the Twitch drops.

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1. List of Campaign Calling Cards

Here’s the list of all Calling Cards that can be unlocked by completing the campaign missions.

Gaz Calling Card

Complete the Recon by Fire campaign mission in MW2 at any difficulty level.

Chainlinked Calling Card

Complete the Borderline Campaign mission at any difficulty level to unlock this card.

Soap’s Determination Calling Card

At any game difficulty level, complete the Strike Campaign mission to unlock it.

Shadows Company Ops Calling Card

To unlock this calling card, complete the Alone Campaign mission at any difficulty level.

2. List of Weapon Mastery Calling Cards

Moving on to the Calling Cards that can be obtained by completing the missions involving weapon mastery, here’s the list.

Gold Mastery Calling Card

Unlock the Gold Camo, equip it on your gun, and get 100 kills with that gun with that gold camo equipped.

mw2 gold camo

Platinum mastery Calling Card

Unlock the Platinum Camo, equip it on your gun, and get 200 kills with that gun with that platinum camo equipped.

mw2 platinum camo

Polyatomic Calling Card

Unlock the polyatomic Camo, equip it on your gun, and get 300 kills with that gun with that Polyatomic camo equipped.

mw2 polyatomic camo

Orion Mastery Calling Card

Unlock the Orion Camo, equip it on your gun, and get 400 kills with that gun with that Orion camo equipped.

mw2 orion camo

3. List of Twitch Calling Cards

There is only one Calling Card that can be unlocked by using the Twitch drops. It is called the Death’s Angel Calling Card. To unlock this card:

  • Create a Twitch Account if you don’t have one.
  • Similarly, create an Amazon Prime Gaming account.
  • Link your Amazon Prime gaming account and the Twitch account together.
  • Now, create an Activision account and link it with your Twitch account.
  • Finally, go on Twitch, and watch Modern Warfare streams where Twitch drops are enabled. Watch the stream for 30 minutes.

Bottom Line

And there you go! This was the complete list of Calling Cards available in the Modern Warfare 2 game along with the way to unlock them. I hope this guide was helpful to you. If it was, then please consider sharing it with your fellow MW2 players.

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