10 Best Notepad++ Dark Themes in 2023

notepad dark themes

Notepad++ is used by a ton of Windows users and programmers for very long working sessions. And in such a scenario, a dark Notepad++ theme becomes very important. The dark theme not just looks better on the Notepad++ app but is also really eye-friendly. If you are in search of an awesome Notepad++ dark theme that you can use on your Notepad++ app, to increase the amount of time you spend in front of the screen, then you have landed at the right place.

Here I have compiled a list of the best Notepad++ Dark themes that you can download for free. Let’s have a look.

notepad dark themes

How to apply themes to Notepad++?

Applying the 3rd-party themes to the Notepad++ app is really very simple and can be done with a couple of mouse clicks. Here’s how.

Step 1: First of all, download a theme for Notepad++ like the Dracula theme.

download dracula theme

Step 2: If the downloaded theme is on a zip file, then extract the file using an archiver tool like Winrar.

extract dracula theme zip

Step 3: After extraction, you should now have an XML file. Copy this extracted XML file.

copy dracula theme xml file

Step 4: Now, press the Win + R key combination on the keyboard to open the Run dialog box.

Step 5: In the Run text field, type:


and click OK.

ope notepad hemes folder using run

Step 6: This will open the themes folder of your Notepad++ app. Paste the XML file here that you copied in Step 3.

paste dracula theme in notepad themes folder

Step 7: Next, open Notepad++ app on your PC.

Step 8: Click on Settings from the list of options on the top of the app window and go to the Style Configurator… option.

settings syle configuator notepad

Step 9: Click on the Select theme Drop down menu and select Dracula theme from the list.

select dracula theme notepad

Step 10: Finally, click on the Save & Close button to apply the changes.

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Best Dark Themes for Notepad++

1. Dracula

If you’re a fan of dark, moody colors, then the Dracula theme is definitely for you. This theme features a deep black background with bright white text. It’s perfect for those who prefer to work in low-light conditions or who want to add a bit of drama to their work. The contrast between the black and white is also very striking, making it easier to spot errors in your code.

dracula theme

In addition, the Dracula theme comes with a number of other benefits, such as custom icons and syntax highlighting. Overall, it’s a great option for those who are looking for something different from the default Notepad++ themes.

Download: Dracula

2. Material

Material notepad++ theme is a Material Design-inspired theme for the popular text editor, Notepad++. Material design is a design language created by Google that combines the classic principles of good design with the latest technology. The Material theme makes extensive use of Material Design elements, such as shadows, cards, and animations. As a result, it provides a more modern and visually appealing experience than the default Notepad++ theme.

material theme

In addition, the Material theme is also more functional than the default theme, as it includes several enhancements that make editing text easier and more efficient. Overall, the Material theme is a significant improvement over the default Notepad++ theme and is well worth checking out for anyone who uses the text editor on a regular basis.

Download: Material

3. Lunar

Lunar is a dark theme with blue accents. It’s a minimalistic, flat design that is easy on the eyes. The Lunar theme is available for both light and dark modes. Lunar is better than default notepad++ themes because it is easier to read and has less eye strain. The Lunar theme is also available for both light and dark modes so you can customize it to your needs.

lunar theme

Lunar’s main features are its minimalist design and flat colors which make it easy on the eyes and great for coding. Lunar is also available for both light and dark modes so you can customize it to your needs.

Download: Lunar

4. Nord

Nord is a notepad++ theme that is becoming increasingly popular among programmers and developers. Nord notepad++ theme Nord prides itself on being clean, efficient, and distraction-free. Nord borrows heavily from UI design trends in both the Material Design guidelines and Google’s Nord color palette. In terms of visuals, Nord borrows some ideas from both Microsoft’s Fluent Design System and Google’s Material Design.

nord theme

Nord also tries to achieve a similar simplicity to what Atom has. The focus is on making the Nord theme look as clean as possible while still providing the user with all of the information they need. The Nord team has also done an admirable job of ensuring that Nord meshes well with a variety of different programming languages and file types. Overall, Nord is a great option for anyone looking for a minimalistic, distraction-free notepad++ theme.

Download: Nord

5. Solarized Dark Theme

Solarized is a popular color scheme for code editors and terminal emulators, created by Ethan Schoonover. Solarized Dark is one of the two themes included in the Solarized color scheme. As the name suggests, Solarized Dark uses darker colors than Solarized Light. Solarized Dark is designed to be used with terminal applications and text editors such as vim, gedit, and Notepad++. It is also available for a variety of other applications, including Firefox, Chrome, and Atom.

Solarized Dark Theme

Solarized Dark is easier on the eyes than the default Solarized Light theme, making it ideal for coding in low-light environments. The Solarized color scheme has been carefully designed to reduce eye strain and fatigue, while still providing high contrast and legibility. Solarized Dark is a great choice for anyone who spends a lot of time coding or working in the terminal. Thanks for choosing Solarized!

Download: Solarized Dark Theme

6. Neon

The neon theme is one of the most popular themes for notepad++. Neon is a bright, vibrant color that is perfect for making code stand out. The neon theme is better than the default notepad++ theme because it is more eye-catching and easier to read. Customizable fonts and sizes to match your coding style Overall, the Neon theme enhances the coding experience by making code more readable and accessible.


It is also easy to find and use other colors in the Neon theme which can be helpful when trying to debug code. The neon theme is an excellent choice for those looking to improve their coding productivity.

Download: Neon

7. Obsidian

Obsidian is a dark and sleek notepad++ theme that is perfect for coding at night. Obsidian has a very modern look and feel, with its clean lines and dark color scheme. Obsidian is also very easy on the eyes, thanks to its high contrast ratio. One of the best things about Obsidian is that it is very easy to read, even on small screens.


In addition, Obsidian is extremely customizable, so you can change the colors and font size to suit your needs. Overall, Obsidian is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a modern and sleek notepad++ theme.

Download: Obsidian

8. Waher Style

Waher Style is a new theme for notepad++ that offers a clean and stylish look for your code. Waher Style is based on the default theme, but Waher Style improves on the default theme in several ways. Waher Style uses a lighter color scheme that makes it easier to read your code. In addition, Waher Style uses cleaner fonts and spacing, making your code more readable and easier to understand.

Waher Style

Waher Style also includes an auto-indent feature that makes it easier to format your code. Overall, Waher Style is a great option for those who want a more stylish and readable notepad++ theme.

Download: Waher Style

9. Nautical But Nice

Nautical But Nice is a theme for Notepad++ that people can use to change the look of the program. The Nautical But Nice theme is different from the default Notepad++ theme in several ways. One difference is that Nautical But Nice uses a light blue color scheme, while the default theme uses a dark color scheme. Nautical But Nice also has different icons for some of the buttons in Notepad++, and the Nautical But Nice theme file is smaller than the default theme file.

Nautical But Nice

Finally, Nautical But Nice is available in both English and French, while the default theme is only available in English. Overall, Nautical But Nice is a great option for people who want to change the look of their Notepad++ program.

Download: Nautical But Nice

10. Bespin

Bespin is a theme for Notepad++ that offers a clean, dark interface with custom color schemes. The Bespin theme is similar to the default Notepad++ theme, but it includes several additional features that make it more user-friendly. For example, Bespin allows users to customize the color of their interface, as well as the font size and type.


Bespin also offers an “Autocomplete” feature that suggests words as you type, making it easier to find the right word or phrase. Finally, Bespin includes a “Find in Files” feature that makes it easy to search for text across multiple files. Overall, the Bespin theme is a good choice for users who want a more customizable and user-friendly experience when using Notepad++.

Download: Bespin

Bottom Line

With that said, here comes the end of the list of the best Notepad++ Dark Themes. All the abovementioned themes fulfill the intent of imparting the dark mode look to the Notepad++ app. Now, the choice ends on your personal taste and what kind of look you prefer the most. In my opinion, you can go for all of the themes suggested here and can switch between them as per your mood and style.

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