2 Ways to Recover Lost Chrome Passwords on Windows & Mac

Recover Lost Chrome Passwords
Recover Lost Chrome Passwords

One of the biggest nightmares is not being able to access your accounts on different internet platforms just because you lost the Google Chrome saved passwords and data. This can further lead you into really serious troubles if you have lost passwords for your profession-related websites and even don’t remember them as well. Well, you don’t have to worry a lot as there are ways by which you can recover the lost Chrome passwords on your Windows or Mac PCs. This guide can be a real lifesaver for a lot of Google Chrome users, so go through the two possible ways that are described here thoroughly.

How to Recover Lost Chrome Passwords

There is no doubt that Google Chrome’s password saving feature comes really handy in our day to day life. But getting completely dependent on this feature can sometimes put you in trouble, like what if you lost your saved passwords from your Chrome browser. You may not be able to access a lot of your web accounts as neither you remember the login credentials nor do you have the saved passwords. The solution is to somehow recover the lost passwords on your Chrome browser. And here’s how you can do so.

Method 1: Reset Sync

Let’s start with the method that’ll work for both Windows and Mac. This method includes you having at least one other device with Chrome installed and where you have signed in with the same Gmail ID that you have used on your main device. This can be a Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android device. Additionally, one more thing that has to make sure of is not to open or launch the Google Chrome browser on your other device. If you have both requirements checked, then you can proceed.

Step 1: Clear the Synced data

Open your main device where you have deleted your Chrome Passwords and Clear Data of the Chrome data in your account. To do so on your PC, head over to Chrome Settings > You and google > Sync and Google services > Review your synced data > Clear Data. For smartphones, go to Chrome Settings > Sync > Review your synced data > Clear Data.

This will disable syncing of the Chrome data and passwords, will clear all your saved data from Google’s server and will sign you out from all the devices where you were logged on with that Google account. What this will not clear is Chrome’s saved data on your devices. That means you can use the offline stored data from your other device to resync that it with your Google account which will also include your lost passwords.

You might be thinking how would resync on the other device being back my lost passwords? Well, this is because since you have not used that device after the scenario where you lost or deleted your passwords, the deleted passwords along with the rest of your chrome data will still be saved there offline on that device and can be used as a backup to resync that data on the Google server. How? Go through the next step.

Step 2: Sign in and enable sync from another device

Now, head over to the device where you have not used Google Chrome since you have deleted the passwords. Here you would probably find yourself logged out of your Google account automatically. Sign back into this device with the same Google account and turn on the Syncing.

After you have logged in and sync turned on, Google will start syncing Chrome’s offline files saved on your 2nd device. This will also sync your deleted passwords and the rest of the data. Once the syncing is done, you’ll be able to see your lost passwords saved back into your Google Chrome across all your signed-in devices.

Method 2: Use the Export Passwords Option

Google provides an option to export the saved passwords in the form of a CSV file (Spreadsheet file) that you can use. manually sign in to your accounts online. This method of lost chrome password recovery will also require you have an alternate device where you have not used Chrome since you have lost the passwords. Also, make sure that you were using Chrom on your alternate device with the same Google ID that was in the device where you have lost the passwords on Chrome.

Step 1: Turn off the internet

In this method, you don’t have to anything with the device where you have lost the passwords. Instead, head over your alternate device where you use Chrome with the same Google ID and turn off its access with the internet.

Just to be sure, make sure to put the device on Airplane mode so that there is internet connection, eithwe cellular or Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Open Chrome and go to Saved Passwords

Once the internet connection on your alternate device is completely cut off, launch Google Chrome.

If you are on PC, go to Chrome Settings > Auto-fill > Passwords and yoou’ll be greeted with the list of all the saved paswords. You will also see the passwords that you have deleted or lost due to some reason.

Similarly, to access the saved passwords on smartphones, got to Chrome Settings > Passwords.

Step 3: Download the list of Passwords

Now the only thing that left is to download this list of passwords as a CSV file (Spreadsheet file). To do so, click on the three-dot menu on the top right of the saved passwords section anc click on Export Passwords. Agin click on Export Passwords option to confirm and download the file.

Now you can use this file to manually enter the saved passwords on you various web accounts.

Bottom Line

Here comes the end of this fixing guide and I hope that you would have successfully recovered your lost or deleted Google Chrome passwords after going through the two ways described here. Loosing the saved passwords can be a really serious problem as it may put you in a situation where you might not be able to access your web accounts anymore. Hence you should make sure to always keep a backup of your saved passwords. You can do so by following the Method 2. Lastly, if you have any question or suggestion, please let me known in the comments below. Also, if you have any other methods to Recover Lost Chrome Passwords then please share them in the comments as well.

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