How to Remove Invisible Filter on TikTok on Android & iOS

how to remove invisible filter on tiktok

Howdy TikTok users! Well if you have landed on this article then you must be a TikTok user who uses the different-different filters to make interesting video content. This article is going to discuss the TikTok invisible filter and the thing you need to know about it. We are also gonna discuss how you can remove the Invisibility filter from the TikTok videos.

how to remove invisible filter on tiktok

Is there anything like an invisibility filter?

Yes, you read right. Tiktok actually has a filter that makes you invisible by raising the palm of your hand and makes you visible by raising the palm of your hand again. See the below image:


Wondering what happened in between. Huh, naughty boy!

So in this way, you can do the naughty stuff 😉 or some weird task in between the invisibility duration.

Check the video compilation down below and you would definitely understand what I am trying to say!

Best TikTok Invisible Filter Compilation 2020 TikTok Invisible Challenge

Why do people want to remove the Invisible filter?

As it is evident now that this filter makes you invisible for the time you don’t raise your palm again. Tiktokers are using this filter as a weapon to make their videos viral so in between the invisible session, they do some weird & naughty stuff and left their viewers curious as to what happened in between.

And you know very well curiosity is the mother of invention. Now some of the audience wants to remove the filter from the video that was posted by the TikToker who made the video and see what happened in between.

How to remove the Invisible filter on TikTok?

Sadly you cannot remove the filter from the posted video by any means as of writing this post. The reason that has been given by many users or developers is that when you post the video after applying this filter then the filter layer gets merged with the video and will be saved in the TikTok cloud as a video with a single layer format and not as many layer formats.

So after posting TikTok cloud itself makes the video as a single-layer encoding video so even with the third-party software it becomes impossible to remove the filter because it is not able to remove the filter layer.

It has not been claimed by TikTok but we are guessing that TikTok is not giving the feature of removing the applied filter because of the user’s privacy. As you already know behind the filter there could be some explicit content. Exposing that content will not be a good sign for the dignity of the user.

What about the third-party filter removers?

Since TikTok saves the filtered video after merging all the layers. Hence as of now, it would be impossible for a third-party filter remover to actually separate all the layers and expose the real thing behind the filter. The best it does is creates its own behind-the-filter layer that may or may not be the real one as it was before applying the filter.

So I recommend you not to use those third-party filter removers as you will share your personal information with them and also your content may be stored in their server to apply the AI while removing the filter which could be used anywhere without your consent.

So how can you remove the filter?

You can only remove the filter if you have the video in the draft. If you want to make any last-minute changes in the filters then you can do it on the draft video. Once posted you won’t be able to remove the filter.

Bottom Line

I know it is disappointing for some users to know that you can’t reverse the invisibility filter. But don’t worry some things are good as they are and let them be it. Curiosity is good it makes us feel interested, right? If you find this piece of information useful share it with your family and friends. Thank you for being with us. Stay connected.

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