2 Ways to Rewatch your 2021 Spotify Wrapped in 2022-23

rewatch old spotify wrapped

It’s the end of the year 2022. That means it’s also time to track back your whole year. And in order to help you with your music streaming tracking, Spotify Wrapped has started providing the 2022 Spotify Wrapped. But along with that many of you might also be interested in rewatching your 2021 Spotify Wrapped to compare it with the 2022’s wrapped.

rewatch old spotify wrapped

And for those Spotify users, here is a guide on how you can rewatch your 2021 Spotify wrapped in 2022 and 2023. Let’s get started.

How to Rewatch Spotify Wrapped of your previous Years

Despite the fact that Spotify doesn’t provide any dedicated option or page on its app to rewatch the old Spotify Wrapped, viewing them is surprisingly quite easy.

There are two different ways to rewatch the old Spotify wrapped playlist.

1. By using the links

With that said, you’ll need to log in to Spotify web on your desktop to access the Spotify Wrapped from the previous years. You can also use the below links to open your smartphone to open the previous years’ wrapped on your Spotify app.

Spotify Wrapped links:

Tapping on any of the above links will open up the Spotify wrapped for your Spotify account for that selected year.

2. Search for Spotify Wrapped

Another way to watch the Spotify wrapped of previous years is by searching for them in the Spotify app’s search.

  1. Open up the Spotify app.

    open spotify app iphone
  2. Tap on the Search icon at the bottom of the Spotify app screen.

    spotify app search
  3. Search for “Your top songs for [year]” in the search bar and make sure to replace [year] with the year whose wrapped playlist you want to see.

    search your top songs 2021 spotify
  4. Now, from the search results, open the Playlist with the exact match term. Make sure to open the playlist from the search results that is created by Spotify only otherwise you’ll end up opening the public playlists created by some other Spotify users.

Bottom Line

And there you go. This is how you can rewatch the Spotify-wrapped playlist from your previous years. There are two ways to do that have been discussed in this guide. I hope this guide would have helped you in resolving your issue. If so, then please consider sharing it with your fellow Spotify users. Also do let us know in the comments about your most played song on Spotify for 2022.

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