Fix SAE Killstreak not working in Modern Warfare 2 (Unable to Airstrike)

fix sae killstreak glitch

Call of Duty’s new Modern Warfare 2 game is receiving a really great response from the players. But there is also a section of players who are experiencing different issues with it. One such issue is the SAE Killstrike bug that is preventing the players from calling in the Airstrike using SAE. If the SAE killstreak is not working in your MW2 game as well, then there are some things that you need to know to get this issue resolved.

fix sae killstreak glitch

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What is the SAE Killstreak Bug in MW2?

There are a number of Killstreaks in the Modern Warfare 2 game like Cluster Mine and Cruise Missile. The SAE Killstreak is also among these and like any other killstreak, this one also helps the player to maximize the kill count and win the game.

But in the SAE Killstreak bug is preventing the players to call in an Air Strike. As per the players, whenever they try to use SAE to call in an Air Strike, the screen gets frozen either instantly or at the tablet screen. And when the screen freezes, the players are unable to do anything to come out of this situation. They must have to wait for the 30 seconds timeout to get out of the call-in tablet screen.

This bug is affecting many and preventing them to proceed in the game.

sae killstreak freez tablet screen

How to Fix if SAE KillStreak is not working?

Fix 1: Update the game

Luckily, this bug has been acknowledged by Infinity Ward and the COD Japan support’s Twitter handle has confirmed that they have fixed many in-game issues including the SAE Killstreak one.

Upon translating the tweet, you get the following:

Notice Currently, we have confirmed that the following corrections have been made.

> Phenomenon that custom loadout cannot be used
> Phenomenon of care packages falling at hard points
> Killstreak glitch
> Perk glitch

So, if you are facing the freezing screen in the SAE killstreak, then make sure to update the game as soon as you get one.

Fix 2: Equip the S.A.E Killstreak

You’re required to have the S.A.E Killstreak equipped in order to use it in between the match. To equip the S.A.E. Killstreak:

Step 1: Open the Modern Warfare 2 game.

Step 2: Navigate to the Weapons tab and select the Killstreak menu located beside the Multiplayer Loadout option.

Step 3: There you’ll see the S.A.E. option. Select it and add it to the empty slot. If you don’t have an empty slot then swap it with a current one.

add killstreak

Fix 3: Complete the requirements

In order to use the SAE in Modern Warfare 2 game, the players are required to have at least 7 kills in a row or must have scored 875 points without dying.

If you have not completed the above requirement, then you’ll not be able to the SAE Killstreak to call in the airstrike.

Bottom Line

And there you go! This is how you can solve the issue. The bug has been fixed by the developers. Hence you just have to wait for an update to come on your device to get the fix. Also, not every player is capable of using the SAE Killstreak. You are required to have at least 7 continuous kills or up to 875 points without dying to use SAE.

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