How to Use Apple Magic Mouse on Windows 11 & 10

Magic Mouse on Windows
Magic Mouse on Windows

The magic mouse is Apple’s answer to the word for wireless mouse and though the company has not intentionally launched it to be used separately and is mainly for Mac desktop PCs, there are users who also use it on other devices, like on Windows.

Yes, Apple’s Magic use can be used on Windows PCs as well, and if you are wondering how then stick around to this guide and I’ll show you how you can set up and use Apple Magic Mouse on Windows 11 or Windows 10 PCs.

How to add and setup Apple Magic Mouse on Windows

The Magic Mouse also uses Bluetooth connectivity in order to get connected as an input device and hence connecting to the Windows PC is no big deal. It is a pretty straightforward and simple procedure just like connecting any other Bluetooth mouse. Here is how you can add and set up the Magic Mouse on Windows via Bluetooth.

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On Windows 11

1. Press Win + I on the keyboard to open the Windows Settings.

2. Go to Bluetooth & devices from the left.

3. Make sure the Bluetooth is turned on and then click on Add Device right next to the Devices option.

4. On the Add a device window, click on Bluetooth. This will start your PC to search for available nearby Bluetooth devices.

5. Make sure your Magic Mouse is turned on. If it is not then toggle on its switch located at the bottom.

5. Your Magic Mouse will get appear on the Add a device on your Windows PC. Click on it to connect it to your PC.

On Windows 10

1. Open Windows Settings by pressing Win + I.

2. Go to Devices.

3. Select Bluetooth & other devices option from the left.

4. Here, make sure the Bluetooth is on and then click on Add Bluetooth or other devices.

5. The Add a device will appear. Click on Bluetooth.

6. Now, Windows will start searching for available Bluetooth devices. Hence make sure the tour Magic Mouse is turned on. If it’s not, then switch it on from the toggle at the bottom.

7. Now, your Magic Mouse will appear in the list of available Bluetooth devices. Click on it to connect it to your PC.

And that’s it. You have successfully connected your Magic Mouse to your Windows PC. You can now use the Magic Mouse on your Windows PC just like any other Bluetooth mouse. You even customize the Magic Mouse, like swapping the right and left clicks and the speed of the cursor. You can even change the scrolling speed of the mouse.

But here is a catch, you can’t scroll on Windows using the Magic Mouse on your Windows PC. And to solve this issue you’ll have to install the Apple Wireless drivers on your PC.

Installing Apple Wireless Mouse Drivers

There is no direct single driver file that can be downloaded and installed on your PC right away. Instead, there are two manual ways by which you can get the Apple Wireless Mouse Drivers installed on your PC, and here are those methods.

Apple provides a Boot Camp Support Software program that also contains the Apple Wireless Mouse drivers. These driver files can be used on your Windows PC to enable scrolling. This method is a bit outdated and there are chances that this method may not work on your Windows 11 or even the Windows 10 PC. But you give it a try.

Install drivers using Boot Camp Support Software

1. Head over to Apple’s official Boot Camp Support Software download page and click on the Download button to begin the download process.

2. Once the Boot Camp zip file is downloaded, extract it.

3. Once extracted, go to BootCamp > Drivers > Apple.

4. In the Apple folder, look for the file by the name AppleWirelessMouse64.

5. Right-click on the AppleWirelessMouse64 file and select Run as administrator.

6. This will open the installation window of the Apple Wireless Mouse drivers. Follow the on-screen instructions and install the drivers.

Once done, restart your PC and check if you are able to scroll up and down properly using your Magic Mouse or not. If not, then head over to the next method.

Install drivers From Apple Using Brigadier

Brigadier is a Python script that can download the latest Boot Camp Support Software on your Windows PC by identifying it as a Mac machine. There are high chances that this method will work more prominently than the previous one as in this method we can download the Boot Camp for the latest possible MacBook and can extract its components and install the Apple Wireless Mouse drivers from it.

1. Head over to this GitHub link and download Brigadier on your desktop location.

2. Now open Command Prompt.

3. Type the following command in the command prompt and hit enter:

cd Desktop

4. Now, execute the following command after that:

brigadier.exe -m MacBookPro17,1

5. This command consists of the Mac identifier i.e. MacBookPro17,1. That means your Windows PC is being identified as the 13-inch MacBook Pro 2020 with Apple M1 Chip. You can change this Mac identifier but I would recommend you to use the identifier of the latest possible MacBook Pro.

6. Wait for the brigadier to download and extract the latest drivers on your Windows desktop. If Brigadier failed to download the files or if the folder created by Brigadier is empty, try installing 7-Zip and try again.

7. Once done, open the BootCamp folder and navigate to WinPEDriver$ AppleWirelessMouse.

8. In the AppleWirelessMouse folder right-click on the AppleWirelessMouse64.inf file and select Install.

9. Follow the on-screen instructions and install it.

Once done, finally restart your PC and you should now be able to scroll using your Magic Mouse on your Windows PC.

Installing Apple Wireless Mouse Drivers on Mac

There are many Mac that uses Windows on their system using Boot Camp and generally when you set up Windows using Boot Camp, it automatically installs the Boot Camp Support Software package containing all the required drivers for Apple hardware to work properly on Windows. But in many cases, the Magic Mouse will not scroll items until the pending driver updates are not done. You can do this by using the Apple Software Update.

1. Search and open the Apple Software Update.

2. Wait for the Apple Software Update to check for the pending updates.

3. Check to mark the Apple Input Device Update and Boot Camp Update. You can also checkmark the other options that are available there to update.

4. Finally, click on the Install button to download and install the updates.

Try Magic Mouse Utilities

This is a well-experienced thing that the Magic Mouse doesn’t;t work as fluently as it works with Mac. And if you are concerned about this and seeking a solution, then you can give Magic Mouse Utilities a try.

The Magic Mouse Utilities is a 3rd-party utility software that can be used to improve the Magic Mouse’s functioning on Windows on both PC and Mac. It provides a ton of functionality that you can add to your Magin Mouse, like multiple gestures that allow you to switch b/w desktops, pages, etc. You can also manage the scrolling, introduces customizable middle-click, etc.

Magic Mouse Utilities is a paid software but it initially offers a 28-days free trial period so that you can properly test and use the software if it suits you or not.

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  1. i executed the command for brigadier and it gave this response:
    “Couldn’t find a Boot Camp ESD for the model MacBookPro17,1 in the given software update catalog.”
    do you know a solution?
    i used brigadier 0.2.4 from the github link you provided.
    so 7zip didnt even have the chance to fail 😛

    1. try changing the macbook model to something else e.g. MacBookAir9,1

    2. brigadier.exe -m MacBookPro16,2

      1. This one worked for me, thanks!

        1. We are glad that it helped. You can support our work by buying a coffee:

      2. Worked for me also today.

  2. I faced this error when 7zip was not installed:
    Calling 7-Zip command: C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe e -oc:\users\admin\appdata\local\temp\bootcamp-unpack_jksnbs -y c:\users\admin\appdata\local\temp\bootcamp-unpack_jksnbs\BootCampESD.pkg

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “”, line 339, in
    File “”, line 296, in main
    File “”, line 73, in sevenzipExtract
    File “c:\jenkins\workspace\brigadier\build\brigadier\out00-PYZ.pyz\subprocess”, line 493, in call
    File “c:\jenkins\workspace\brigadier\build\brigadier\out00-PYZ.pyz\subprocess”, line 679, in __init__
    File “c:\jenkins\workspace\brigadier\build\brigadier\out00-PYZ.pyz\subprocess”, line 896, in _execute_child
    WindowsError: [Error 2] The system cannot find the file specified

    So, installed 7zip and then retried and it worked!! Thanks

  3. it worked for me, but anyway, I still can’t use scroll. Doesn’t work on a Windows 10 computer.

    Any idea?

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