12 Best Sites to Download Nintendo Switch ROMs for Egg NS and Skyline Emulator

sites to download nintendo switch roms

Are you a fan of Nintendo Games? I am sure you do that is why you are looking for its ROMs so that you can play them on your PC or mobile device whichever seems fit for you. I am happy to tell you, you have landed in the right place.

In this article, I will tell you about the 11 best and safe sites from which you can download Nintendo Switch ROMs and play games on emulators like Egg NS and Skyline.

We all know that the Internet is filled with several ROM Download Sites that offer a safe installation option. However, along with the legitimate sites, there also exist many spams and misleading sites that might force you into clicking somewhere else which might infect your PC.

To save you from the hassle of finding the best sites for Nintendo Switch I have prepared a well-researched list of the 11 Best Nintendo Switch ROM sites for you. Without any further due let’s dive into the world of ROM sites.

What is Nintendo Switch?

The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid video game console developed by Nintendo and released in 2017. The console itself is a tablet that can either be docked for use as a home console or used as a portable device, making it a hybrid console.

It has wireless joy-con controllers, with standard buttons and directional analog sticks for user input, motion sensing, and tactile feedback, and can attach to both sides of the console to support handheld-style play.

List of 12 Best ROM Sites to Download Nintendo Switch ROMS (NSP/XCI)

1. Egg NS Emulator

For those looking to download Nintendo Switch XCI/NSP ROMs safely and securely, look no further than the Official Egg NS Emulator ROMs Page. Their selection of ROMs is extensive and is consistently being updated with new game ROMs for your enjoyment.

Egg NS Emulator Site Logo

The ROMs are meticulously organized and include all relevant information. You can use the provided handy search box to quickly find your favorite game. Don’t see the game you’re looking for? Leave a comment with your request and they’ll do their best to add it within 24 hours.

Visit here for all your Nintendo Switch XCI/NSP ROM needs.

2. Strato Emulator

Another safe and reliable place to download the Nintendo Switch ROMs in XCI and NSP formats is the Strato Emulator’s ROMs page. The site has a really impresive selection of ROMs which are regularly being updated with new game ROMs.

Strato Emulator Branding

The ROMs are well-organized and loaded with all relevant information that is needed before downloading it. You can also use the provided search box on the site to quickly and conveniently search for your favorite Nintendo Switch game.

Visit the Strato Emulator ROMs page.

3. RomsPedia

Romspedia is the finest ROM file download website for all gamers who want to download Nintendo Switch ROMs. This website is free from viruses and safe to use. The user gets attractive storage of ROM files. One can find the original artwork of a particular game on the homepage of the website, and also a set of programs that let the user run a particular game on its PC.


There are a number of different ROM files available on this website and users can choose according to their requirements. ROM files for different emulators are also available on this website.

The user also finds many Blog posts and articles on different topics to answer all the queries of the users. Many other details regarding a particular game can be found here, information like the region of the ROM file used the release date of the game, and also the genre of a particular game. All this information is provided to the user on Romspedia.

Access the ROM files from here.

4. EmulatorROMs

EmulatorROMs is a famous emulator site. It provides you with an extensive list of details including download links, emulator scams, ROMs, emulators, updates, ratings of emulators, and many more.

Emulator ROMs

It contains various emulators along with Nintendo Switch like Saga, Xbox, Playstation, Mame, and many more. EmulatorROMs is a fantastic option if you are searching for a safe site for ROMs.

This site is known for offering reliable services and enjoys a good reputation. The list of ROM files and emulators on the website is continuously updated. It even provides access to various utility programs.

Access the ROM files from here.


One of the most popular websites for Nintendo Switch ROMs and emulators is ROMSFUN.COM. Visit this safe ROM site to enjoy your most loved game. It is a decent option for gaming freaks who do not recognize modern-day games, enjoy your childhood games like Mario with ROMs World.

RomsFum.com roms

This website does not show any annoying ads or misleading links. If you are looking for a one-stop solution to download various ROMs, this is the ultimate option for you. This safe ROM website undoubtedly deserves a chance.

the homepage features the latest and favorite ROM games and you can look for the rest using the search box. This site is completely safe to visit as it is free from aggressive ads and pop-up windows.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.

6. NswRom.com

NswRom.com is a dedicated website for downloading Nintendo Switch ROMs that can easily be downloaded for use.


Moreover, unlike other sites that spread malware and infect PCs, NwsRom.com is a legit and clean site for use. Additionally, it is considered one of the best alternatives to the most popular websites.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.


Romsever is a relatively new site and offers many games. Use it to read blogs that it offers regarding all the happening in the gaming world.


The site lets you download free ROMs, ISOs, and other classic retro game files for SNES, GBC, Playstation, Xbox, and more along with Nintendo switch. It also offers.

With a single click on the Download button, the game starts to download. It does not show any unwanted ads and pop-ups which bother many people and also redirect them to unsafe content.

Although, ROMs available on this site are large in size they are complete and are in high resolution.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.

8. Romxci.com

Romxci is a good site to download Nintendo switch ROMs. It not only offers you ROMs but below the download button, it also tells you the way through which you can run your ROMs in your Nintendo Switch emulator.

romxci logo

The only download side from this website we get to know is, you will get a pop-up as soon as you click on the game title. Just close the pop-up and again click on the game title. Now this time around it will make you land on the download page from where you can download the game and also read the instruction with the help of which you can use the game.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.

9. xcigamesdd.com

This is also the dedicated website for downloading the Nintendo Switch ROMs. The interface is very simple. You just need to click on official Gameart and you will be redirected to the download page.


The best thing about this website is along with the game it also offers certain tweaks for your game separately. It offers both XCI & NSP ROMs along with the NSP update and other Collaboration Pack.

This site has many alternate links for the same ROM which is even better.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.


ROMsmania is a perfect Safe Rom Download Site. It is known for its wide-ranging directory offering thousands of emulators and ROMs for download. You can use its search window to look out for a specific ROM.

romsmania 1

For the post you have the required ROM, click on it to check the list of download links available for use. This is a useful and safe ROM site to use and does not fill your screen with misleading ads and banners.

RomsMania website ranks among the best websites to download ROMs because of its attractive user interface. Apart from free ROMs games, the site lets you download emulators for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It even provides an option of playing popular retro games online on its web browser.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.


Next on our site is ROMSPURE.CC. It offers a bottomless ocean of games ROMs including Super Nintendo, Pokemon-Black and Yellow versions, Mario Kart 64, Pokemon Diamond, Super Mario All-Start, and much more.

romspure cc

Along with its powerful working it is also known for its straightforward and clean interface.

The only drawback is it has a limited number of Nintendo Switch ROMs but they are popular titles and are of good quality.

This also has its own personal blog section from where you can read about all the happening in the gaming world and all about ROMs and Emulators.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.


This is a dedicated website for downloading Nintendo Switch ROMs. It offers a large number of Switch ROMs on the Homepage along with the official game art.


When you click on the Gameart you land on a download page where you will get much info regarding the game like the year, language, and genre. Below the info, you will find a youtube video of the gameplay of that game.

This site offers many alternative links, if one does not work then you can check out the other one.

The only downside of this website is upon clicking you will face a single pop-up, but that is it after this pop-up there will be no other pop-up and you can download the game easily.

Access the Nintendo ROM files from here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it legal to download ROMs?

    Yes, it is legal to download ROMs if you own a copy of the game that you are trying to download. However, it can be considered illegal if you have never owned the game.

    The use of emulators is completely legal.

  2. Is it safe to install Custom ROMs?

    Yes, installing recognized custom ROMs is safe and reliable.

So this is it. Here comes the end of this article. In this article, we offered you the 11 best websites which are simple to use with an easy interface form where you can download Nintendo Switch ROMs easily.

I hope this article fulfills your need. If you find this worth sharing, then do share it with your gamer friends who love to play Nintendo Switch games. Thank you & See you soon.

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