Complete Spectrum Internet Self-installation Guide

Complete Spectrum Internet Self installation Guide
Complete Spectrum Internet Self installation Guide

So, you have made up your mind to go with the Spectrum Internet Service. Or even if you are currently planning to go with the same, one of the very obvious and important steps is its installation. Spectrum Internet Services offers two kinds of installations: Pro installation and Self-Installation. The Pro installation includes support from a professional technician that performs all the installation work for you, but it also comes with an extra fee that can be eliminated by opting for self-installation. As its name suggests, in Self-Installation, you are provided with all the required things (self-installation kit) and then everything is up to you for installation.

If you are also planning to go with the self-installation or are not sure if the self-installation is the thing you should opt over the pro installation, then stick around to this guide. Here, I am going to serve you a complete step by step guide to perform Spectrum Internet’s self-installation. Additionally, I am also going to discuss the pros and cons of both kinds of installations so that you can decide which type of Spectrum Internet installation you should go with.

Guide To Self-Install Spectrum Internet

The process of self-installation is quite simple and straightforward. The installation includes connection of some cables here and there along with activation of the service at last. Let’s take a detailed look at the steps to self-install Spectrum Internet.

Ordering your Spectrum Self-Install Kit

The very first thing if you are planning to go through the self-install process is to order the self-install kit. This kit comes at no extra cost and can be ordered by just requesting the same while ordering the Spectrum Internet over the phone call or online.

In case, if you have already ordered the Spectrum Internet without the self-installation kit, you can still opt for it. Simply contact Spectrum customer care and ask them to mail the kit to you.

What comes in the Self-Installation Kit?

The next thing to pay attention to is to make sure that there is nothing missing in the kit. If you find something missing, simply give a call to the customer service to replace the kit or provided the missing item.

To check if everything is there in the kit, you can crosscheck the items from the list below:

  • Welcome guide and instructions
  • Modem
  • WiFi router
  • Ethernet cable
  • Coax cables
  • Power cables (2)

Self-installing your Spectrum Internet service

After ordering the self-installation kit and verifying its items, you are good to go to perform the installation of the Spectrum Internet and home Wi-Fi. Let’s see how to do so:

Step 1: Connect the Modem

Start with connecting the Modem. You’ll need to connect it to the internet outlet and with a power source. Follow these steps:

  • Take the Coax cable provided in the kit and connect its one end to the cabel wall outlet and the other end to the Modem. This will bring the internet from the wall outlet to the modem.
  • If you are using the same internet wall outlet to connect the modem and the Spectrum reciever, you are gonna need to use the Coax splitter and extra coax cables to split the connection in to two.
  • Now, its time to connect the modem to the power outlet. For this, take out the modem power cord from the kit and connect one end to the modem and iother end to the wall power outlet. This will bring power to your modem to work.
  • After connecting the power cord, wait for the Online status light of the modem to turn solid blue from the blinking state. This may takee around 2-5 mins but can take up to 20 min if there is requiremet of a firmware update.

Step 2: Connect Modem to the Wi-Fi Router

Now, your main modem is up and running with an active internet connection. It’s time to take this internet connection to convert to Wi-Fi signals and for this, you’ll have to connect the Wi-Fi router to the modem. Follow these steps:

  • Take out the Ethernet cable from the kit and connect its one end to the modem and other end to the Wi-Fi router.
  • Now, take out the Wi-Fi power cord and connect its one end to the router and other end to the wall power outlet to bring power to it.
  • After connecing the router to the power outlet, wait for the router status light to turn from blinking to solid blue. This may take around 2-5 mins but can take up to 10 min in case of firmware update.

Step 3: Connecting your devices to Wi-Fi

Your router and modem are both setup and you can now connect your devices like smartphones, PCs and tablets to the Wi-Fi network. For this:

  • Open the Wi-Fi settings on the device that you want to connect.
  • Select the default Wi-Fi network name of your Spectrum internet and enter the password to connect to it. You can find these credentials printed at the back of your Wi-Fi router.

Step 4: Activate the Modem

After connecting the device to the Wi-Fi network, it’s time to activate your Spectrum Internet Service. To do so:

  • Open the web browser on your connected device.
  • You will get automatically redirected to the Spectrum activation page. If not, you can manually go to
  • On the activation page, sign in with your Spectrum username and password. If you don’t have these credentials, make sure to click on Create a Username option.

Once your activation is complete, your Spectrum Self-installation is complete and you can use the Spectrum Internet to surf the web on all your devices.

Pro VS Self Spectrum Internet Installation

There are merits and demerits of both kinds of installations. You should consider the pros and cons of both the type of Spectrum installations and then evaluate which kind of installation is suiting you.

Pro Installation1. Need no technical experience
2. Professional technician on-site for solution
1. Includes extra fee (if you don’t opt for Triple Play)
2. You are needed to be there during the installation appointment time
Self Installation1. Freedom of personalized installation timeline
2. No extra fee charges
1. No on-site professional technician for instant resolution
2. Require some basic technical knowledge

Is Spectrum Self-Installation right for you?

Well, only you can answer this question for yourself. Just evaluate the pros and cons and see which type of installation is suiting you. If you are capable of tackling the common yet occasional issues that you can encounter during the installation then you can go for the self-installation. Going with this installation will also save you a couple of bucks. However, if you are OK with the additional installation charges and more specifically, if you don’t have technical knowledge then you should go for the Pro installation. The installations charges are also quite a bit less than the competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you install Spectrum Internet yourself?

For sure. The Spectrum Internet Service offers two kinds of installation options. One is the Pro installation, which comes with a professional technician for installation but costs extra bucks. The second one is the Sefl Installation, in which Spectrum sends the complete kit to you and you can install it by yourself. This will also save you the installation charges. I have provided a complete guide to performing the Spectrum Self Installation.

How do I activate my Spectrum TV receiver or Spectrum internet?

Once you are done setting up the components like the router and modem, simply connect your device to the Wi-Fi network and go to Sign in with your Spectrum username and password or if you don’t have an account, use the Create a Username option.

How do I activate my spectrum Wi-Fi router?

Connect the Wi-Fi router with the Modem and the power source. Once done, wait for the router status light to turn from blinking to solid blue. This may take around 2-5 mins but can take up to 10 min in case of firmware update.

How does Spectrum self install work?

The Spectrum Self Install is one of the installation types that the company offers. The self-install means the company will send you a complete kit of components that will have to connect in order to self-install the complete Spectrum Internet Service.

Bottom Line

Here, the guide to the Spectrum Self-Installation comes to the end. I am hoping after going through this guide, you’ll be able to install your Spectrum Internet Service without any issue. However, if you encounter any issues, you can contact Spectrum customer care. Moreover, a quick comparison of the self-installation with the pro installation would also help you to decide whether to go with the self-installation or not.

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