Can you Download Super Mario RTX Unreal Engine 5 Game?

super mario rtx

Super Mario is a platform game series created by Nintendo starring their main character, Mario. It is also known as the Super Mario bros series or just the Mario series. It is the central series of the greater Mario franchise and at least one Super Mario game has been released for every central Nintendo gaming console.

The Super Mario games are set mainly in the fictional Mushroom Kingdom, typically with Mario as the main player character. He is usually joined by his brother, Luigi, and often by other members of the Mario cast. Platform games involve the player character running and jumping across platforms and on top of the enemies in themed levels.

The games have simple plots, typically with Mario and Luigi rescuing the kidnapped Princess Peach from the primary villain named King Koopa or Browser.

super mario rtx

What is Super Mario RTX?

Super Mario RTX is a fan-made game made by a YouTube channel named Funkyzeit Games using Unreal Engine 5. We’ve had a ton of Mario fan games and renowned games revamped in Unreal Engine 5, however not every one of them has made the same impact as this new fan-made game called Super Mario RTX.

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The Super Mario RTX game demo, which is completely non-commercial, shows a highly detailed 3D replica of typical Mario-themed levels with dark bizarre Mario jumping on blocks, taking typical powerups and launching fiery shots at Goombas and turning them into roasted balls, we can also see the appearance of the primary antagonist named King Koopa in the ending cutscene. Take a glance at the gameplay video below.

I created a Mario game I always wish existed: Super Mario RTX - Unreal Engine 5

The hyper-realism generated by Unreal Engine 5 means the games made in this graphics engine will look very real, often dark, and lighting and shadows will look lifelike.

However, some fans are not liking this dark version of Mario, and this has resulted in many Twitter users being furious at Funkyzeit Games. Below are just some of the tweets from them.

@skerpentine sarcastically wrote: “This level design is looking more like the opening level of Rayman 2 than Super Mario lmao“.

@GAMEandRODO64 wrote: “This is literally the worst Super Mario fan game I’ve ever seen.

@GabaghoulComics wrote: “Looks absolutely abysmal“.

What is Unreal Engine 5?

Unreal Engine (UE) is a 3D computer graphic game engine developed by Epic Games. Unreal Engine 5 is the latest generation of Unreal Engine, a complete package of creation tools for game development, and will absolutely be the game engine most developers will choose for when leveling up their characters on PS5.

With UE5, game developers and creators across industries can feel next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with full freedom, fidelity, and flexibility more than ever before. But should UE5 be used to make a Mario game? You tell us.

How to Download Super Mario RTX Game

Unfortunately, the Super Mario RTX Game is not an official game and that’s where things get unfavorable. Being an unofficial fanmade game, the YouTuber named Funkyzeit Games who has created it has no rights to distribute or monetize it. The YouTuber is not able to commercialize the game even if he wants to. Hence it is just impossible for anyone to distribute, download or play the Super Mario RTX game except the developer himself i.e. Nintendo.

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Bottom Line

And that’s all I had for this one. The Mario RTX game is a really beautiful fusion of one of the classics with the latest gaming engine. The fusion has brought out a real masterpiece in my opinion and Nintendo should think about the idea to carry this fanmade game forward. There are a ton of fans who want to test the fanmade Super Mario RTX game but without the involvement of Nintendo, it is not possible for the YouTuber to provide the game publically to anyone.

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