[Working] How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

transfer whatsapp from android to iphone
transfer whatsapp from android to iphone

If you’ve recently switched from Android to iPhone, you may be wondering how to transfer your WhatsApp chats from your old phone to your new one. Fortunately, WhatsApp has made this process relatively simple. With the latest update, WhatsApp now supports transferring from Android to iPhone.

This means that you can transfer the complete WhatsApp chat history and data during the setup of your new iPhone. Even though the transfer process is supported officially and there is no need for workarounds, the process is lengthy and things can go wrong if not done properly. So bear with me in this guide carefully and here we go.

Prerequisites to begin the WhatsApp transfer

Before starting with the process to transfer the complete WhatsApp from your old Android device to the new iPhone, you are needed to be ready with the following things:

  • Android device running Android 5 or newer.
  • iPhone running iOS 15.5 or later.
  • Move to iOS app for Android (Download)
  • WhatsApp v2.22.7.74 or newer on Android (Download)
  • Active phone number with which you signed up to WhatsApp on Android
  • Non-setup/New iPhone (You can also consider resetting your iPhone)
  • Common Wi-Fi network for both Android and iOS devices.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Once you are set with the pre-requirements, let’s not begin the WhatsApp transfer process to your new iPhone.

Step 1: Starting with your Andriod device, download and install the Move to iOS app and launch it. Then tap on the Continue button and Agree to the TOC by Apple for the Move to iOS app.

Step 2: After agreeing to the TOC, choose whether you want the app usage data to Apple Servers or not. You can choose either of the options to proceed. Also, grant the location permission to the app. This is mandatory to permit the app for location access

Step 3: This will bring you to the Fine your code page on your android device. Now, boot up your iPhone and set it up. During the setup process, when you are on the App & Data screen, select the Move Data from Android.

Step 4: Tap on Continue and you’ll be greeted with a numeric code.

Step 5: Now, come to your Android device, tap on the Continue button on the Find Your Code screen and enter the code you got on your iPhone.

Step 6: After entering the code, your iPhone will create a Wi-Fi network and you’ll have to tap on the connect option on your Android phone to join that network.

Step 7: Your Android phone will show the Transfer Data screen. Select WhatsApp from there and tap on Start once WhatsApp is open on the phone.

Step 8: Your WhatsApp data will start getting encrypted and prepared for transfer. Once done, tap on Next and this will open the Move to iOS app again.

Step 9: Tap on the Continue button and wait for the transfer process to complete. 

Note: Maske sure to keep both the phone plugged in with power sources and are also close to each other. You may also see the transfer process be completed on your Android device sooner than on the iOS device. Be patient and wait until you get the green signal from the iOS device as well.

Step 10: Once the transfer is complete, follow the on-screen instructions to complete its setup.

Step 11: Once done, install the latest version of WhatsApp on your iPhone and log in with the same mobile number that you were using on your Android device.

Step 12: After logging into WhatsApp, it will automatically detect the data you have just transferred. Tap on Start to restore the WhatsApp data. And after the restoration is completed, follow the on-screen instruction to completely set up WhatsApp on your new iPhone.

And that’s it. After successful completion of all the above steps, you’ll be able to see your old WhatsApp and data up for use on your iPhone.

What data will and will not get transferred to iOS?

Even though the process is an official one, it is not that each and every bit of old WhatsApp data will get transferred to your iPhone. To be specific the following things will not get transferred to your iPhone or iPad:

  • WhatsApp call history
  • Payment messages, Payment options, and other payment-related data
  • Display name

And here are those things that you’ll get transferred:

  • ChatsIndividual chats
    • Group chats
    • Chat history
    • Chat media
    • Voice Messages
  • WhatsApp settings.
  • Account Information
  • Profile customizations (Profile Picture, Status, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I transfer WhatsApp data to my old iPhone?

Currently, the transferring of WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone is only supported during the iPhone’s setup process. That means, if you want to transfer data to your old iPhone, you’ll have to Factory Reset it which is nowhere feasible as there must be data on your old iPhone.

What happens to my WhatsApp data on Android after the transfer?

After the data WhatsApp data is transferred to your iPhone, you are logged out of your Android’s WhatsApp. But the data still stays there until you uninstall WhatsApp from your Android phone.

Is my data shared with Apple or Meta?

During the transfer process, the data does go through both Meta’s and Apple’s servers but as I mentioned in Step 8 above, your data is encrypted first and then transferred. Hence none of these companies can have and read any of the data.

Will my WhatsApp data be saved to my iCloud account?

No. The transferred data is not get saved to your iCloud account. However, after the completion and set up of WhatsApp on iPhone you can turn on the iCloud backup in the WhatsApp settings. Doing so, will make sure to backup your restored WhatsApp data and not the one that has been transferred from Android to your iPhone.

Bottom Line

And this is how you can officially transfer WhatsApp data from your old Android phone to your new iOS device like iPhone or iPad. This transfer process comes with its own catches like you are needed to be on the iPhone’s setup screen and things like WhatsApp call history and payments data are not transferred. However, this is still one of the best and free ways to switch to the new iPhone or iPad with almost all important data and media files transferred.

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