How to watch your Spotify Wrapped 2022 again

rewatch spotify wrapped

It’s the end of the year 2022. Nowadays you will get to know what you missed, what you did this year, what you loved the most and what you hated the most, and many more things. You will regret not doing something and feel happy for doing something. This also applies to music lovers who play a lot of songs throughout the day.

rewatch spotify wrapped

Spotify is intelligent, it keeps track of all your listening experiences. So at the end of the year, has started to roll out Your 2022 wrapped & Your top songs 2022 to make you aware of what kind of listener you are, who were your top artist, which genre you played the most, which song you listened to most and many more.

If you saw Your 2022 wrapped and want to watch it again then you are at the right place. In this guide, I will show you how you can watch your 2022 wrapped again.

How to Rewatch Your 2022 Wrapped in Spotify?

There are many ways through which you can rewatch your 2022 wrapped. We have listed all of the ways:

1. By clicking on the following link

Click on Your 2022 Wrapped to watch your 2022 wrapped again.

spotify wrapped banner on homepage on web

Things to be noted:

  1. If you open this link on your mobile device in which the Spotify app is installed then clicking on this link will directly get you to the Your 2022 wrapped page on your Spotify app.
  2. If you are using your PC then you need to log in to your account on the web before clicking on this link otherwise it will ask you to log in to your account.

If you are accessing Your 2022 wrapped from a mobile device then you will also be able to watch wrapped stories which will tell you the no. of different genres, number of songs played, total play time in minutes and the type of listener you are.

spotify wrapped story 1

If you are accessing it on your Web or on PC then you will only be able to see Your Top 2022 songs playlist along with Your Favourite artist and favorite genre. See in the image below:

spotify 2022 wrapped on web

2. By landing on your homepage of the Spotify app.

As soon as you open your Spotify homepage you will see your wrapped 2022. See for yourself:

On the mobile device

Since it is the end of the year so you will find 2022 Wrapped on the homepage itself.

spoify wrapped on mobile after clicking on home page

On the PC app or the web

It does not matter whether you are opening Spotify app on a mobile device or on a PC you will automatically see 2022 Wrapped on the homepage of the Spotify app.

spotify 2022 wrapped homepage on PC web

3. By tapping on search

When you tap on the search icon then just below the search bar you will see your 2022 wrapped just tap or click on it and you will be redirected to your 2022 wrapped page. See the step below:

On mobile devices

  1. Click on the search icon.
spotify how to scan code 1

2. Just below the search bar see Your 2022 wrapped. Click on 2022 wrapped and enjoy Your 2022 Wrapped.

spotify wrapped when tapping on search

On the Web or PC app

  1. Click on the search.
spotify 2022 wrapped search on web 1
  1. Just below the search bar see your 2022 wrapped. Click on 2022 Wrapped and see your most played songs and artist.
spotify 2022 wrapped search on web

Unable to see your Spotify 2022 Wrapped

If doing the above things you are not able to see your 2022 wrapped then you need to do the below fixes:

1. Update the Spotify app

As we know already with consecutive updates new features roll out in an app and also the old bugs get fixed. Also, different devices tend to provide different operating atmospheres to the app. In every update, the developer makes the app work on as many devices as possible. So updating the app to the current times will bring all the current features and offers run by the app.

2. Make sure you are logged in to your account.

The wrapped feature is specific to the user. So for a particular account specific wrapped is available. So to enjoy your 2022 Wrapped you need to be logged in on your Spotify app with your account.

Want to dig deeper to solve if the Spotify Wrapped is not showing or working. Read out Spotify Wrapped fixing guide.

Bottom Line

And that was it. This is how you can watch your 2022 wrapped again. There are three ways to do that, which we have discussed in this guide and also if these three ways didn’t work then there are two additional fixes that will help you in watching your Spotify wrapped again. If you find this helpful then please consider sharing it with your fellow Spotify users. Also do let us know in the comments below about your play time and the type of listener you are.

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