What Does Emergency Override Mean On iPhone?

what does emergency override mean
what does emergency override mean

Getting an error message while charging your iPhone with the message saying “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector“. These error messages offers two options:

  1. Energency Override
  2. Dismiss

The error message contains the following further information:

Liquid has been detected in the Lightning connector. Disconnect to allow the connector to dry. Charging now may damage your iPhone.

As from the erroe message, it can be conculded very easily that the device is showing this warning message because there is water available in your charging port. But there are further two options i.e. Emergency Override and Dismiss. While “Dismiss” is a fairly simple option that makes sense and can be understood as it is just to dismiss the message.

But the option “Emergency Override” is an option that can consfuse a lot of iPhone users. If you are also facing the “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” warning message and are wondering what is the “Emergency Override” option then you have landed at the right place. Here, is a complete and detailed guide about this option covering all the aspects if this option.

What does it mean when my iPhone says Emergency Override?

You get the “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” warning popup on iPhone when you plug in your phone on charging. And since your charging port (lightning connector) is having some moisture or water, the phone is warning your about this and offering you two options:

  • Dismiss: That means simply dismiss the warning popup and disconnect the charging.
  • Emergency Override: That means ignore the warning message and continue charging.

Evergency Override is not a prefered option and is also not generally recommended by Apple itself for safety purposes. Charging the phone while the moisture is present can cause shorcircuit, bayttery damage, overheating and other problems. Do not select En]mergency override untill you are in an emergency.

How to solve the “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” Error

Well these is no go to solution to this as this is such a situation where enabling or disabling any option is not going to help. However, you still have two things that you can do instead of going for the Emergency Override option.

1. Use a Wireless Charger

If your iPhone is supportive for wireless charging then this would be the best option to go for in this situation. Since the lightning connector is not offering optimal scenario for chargiong you can use your wireless charger to charge the phone. Although the charging will be comparitively slow, the chances for damage are just zero.

2. Wait for the connector to dry or do it manually

Next, if your iPhone doesn’t have wireless charging, then you should wait for the lightining connector to get free from moisture. You can also try cleaning the lightning connector by yourself by using some cotton or a cloth that can absorb the moisture present in the port. Be careful while doing this step as careless handeling may damage your charging port. Additionally, you can also place your phone at a slightly warmer place but avoid placing it somewhere there is too hot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What happens if you emergency override your iPhone?

During the liquid detection warning popup on iPhone, selecting the Emergency Override option will ignore the warning and continue charging the phone.

Should you emergency override your iPhone?

You shouldn’t emergency override your iPhone until you are on an emergency. Overriding the warning means that you are ignoring it and are trying to charge the phone with moisture in the lightning port which can be a really bad for your phone in long term.

Can emergency override damage my phone?

If you keep doing it for a long time, then yes. Your phone will definitely get some issue. However, using it once or twice in case of emergency you can use it for a short period of time.

Why does my phone keep saying liquid detected?

This is because your phone is having some little moisture in the loightning port even though you can’t see it. Just give your phone soime idle time to let the moisture dry or you can use a wioreless charger instead, if possible.

Bottom Line

With that said, here comes the end of this guide and I am hoping that now you would have completely undertood what the “Emergency Override” option means in the “Charging Not Available” or “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” warning message on your iPhone. Emergency Override, as its name suggest is an emergency feature that you can use in situation where there is an urgent need of charging the phone despite having moisture in the charging port. Do not use it untill you are in any kind of emergency as there are possibilities for your phone to get harmed if used repetitively for a long time.

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